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Thread: After the Vikings Leave Minnesota Which NFL Team will You Follow?

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    After the Vikings Leave Minnesota Which NFL Team will You Follow?

    The MN state legislature sub-committee voted down the latest Viking stadium proposal, meaning it's likely dead for 2012. The Vikings are starting to posture themselves as if to threaten to move the team. So if the Vikings leave Minnesota, say they go to L.A., which NFL team would you follow?

    I'll start. I think I'll start rooting for the Broncos. Has nothing to do with Peyton Manning. I have a friend in Denver that's a rabid fan of the Broncos and I've kind of gotten interested in them over the past few years. Tebow's miracle run to the playoffs was a nice story to get into. Otherwise, I'm not sure. I used to claim the Eagles as my second favorite team (I liked to watch Brian Westbrook play) but they've kind of fallen out of favor. So I guess it's the Broncos.
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    I've also been a Patriots fan for a long time so I'll always have them. If the Vikings do move to LA I will hate them as much as I hate the Lakers. It would really suck to lose two teams to that horrible excuse for a city.
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    I've always split my allegiance between the Chargers and Vikings anyway, so it would be no different. I'd be more likely to continue to cheer for the relocated Vikings team if they kept the Vikings name in tact.

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    Packers...of course.
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    I really hope the Vikings leave.

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    I'll be a Vikings fan regardless of where they play. It might be different if they had ownership that simply bought the team and moved it right away, but that hasn't been the case. If the residents and politburo of the Socialist State of Minnesota decide their principles can't abide spending the money necessary to keep the team in Minnesota, why should that mean I change who I root for? I'm a Vikings fan, not a Minnesota fan.
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    I would never watch the NFL again.

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    When the North Stars left... I said Goodbye... Rooted against Dallas and still do today. They won't take my loyalty with them. It screwed my NHL experience. Tried to be a Blues fan but it wasn't cementable because I couldn't watch em. Been trying to get it back with the wild but the Jets are getting my attention now. So I'm torn... So please Get a stadium built... I don't want to go through that again.

    New NFL team... Without a doubt would be the Browns... That's a fan base that got hosed by Modell and the move to Baltimore. Kept it together and got a new team. Rabid fan base and a true underdog. Ugly uniforms... How working class can you get.

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    Good thing I'm a CFL and a Gophers fan, sorry I just can't watch NFL football, except for at Super Bowl parties and let's face it, that has nothing to do with football. That being said I really hope you guys don't lose your team, that would really suck and I know how much.

    I would never cheer for any team that was hijacked from my city, I hate the Phoenix Coyotes to this day with every fiber of my soul.......I realize that is completely irrational but I can't help it.

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    If the Vikings moved, would the NFL have to consider moving them to a different division? If the new Vikings team stayed in the NFC North, I would probably become a Lions fan to root against the Vikings franchise twice a year - I can't really bring myself to liking the Packers or Bears, but the Lions have been so irrelevant for so long (plus I really liked Barry Sanders growing up) . . .
    If they were in a different division after the move, I might pick a team from that division. Assuming they moved out west, I'd probably go for Seattle because I like the city and out of a kind of solidarity since Seattle lost the Supersonics for similar reasons.

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    I'm already a Steelers fan as well, so not a big deal, but still a deal that would be upsetting. I'm a fan of (in order) Twins, Steeler, Vikings, Pirates. Pretting much just follow the bugs, not able to call myself a fan, thought Twins and pushing me this way. Anyway, this situation is great: I have a NFC and AFC team to route for, as well as an AL and NL team to cheer on. It's made me much more knowledgable about the NL, which I never followed as a Twins fan, and keeps me sane to have had a decent/good team to follow in both sports. I don't care about the NBA... at all, only college BB. So there you go
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    Since I was little I have followed the Buffalo Bills more than the Vikings. So if they left, I would continue to follow the Bills.

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    If they move to Los Angeles, they will play about 10 miles from my house, so it will be difficult not to be a fan.

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    da BEARS
    cutler don't tebow

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