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Thread: Homer Bailey

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    If the Reds are going to shift Chapman into his spot then maybe Perkins or Thielbar would be a starting point.

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    Plouffe has very little trade value other than being possible filler at a position of need if the other team needed a versatile INF who can hit lefties.

    Kohl Stewart is not being given up on for Homer Bailey. Harrison is a good start though. Harrison & Dozier would prob be a good base package but personally I think I'd want a deal in principle being set to resign Bailey atleast before making the trade.

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    I still would like the Twins to acquire Homer Bailey but this article points out just how lucky some teams were to not acquire Eric Bedard in 2008.
    The Erik Bedard Trade And What Could Have Been - Orioles Blog - Baltimore Sports Report

    The highlights for those that don't want to read the whole article:

    Adam Jones was the centerpiece of the deal, while George Sherrill was the frosting on the cake. Chris Tillman? He was the kicker, the added piece that pushed the teams to sign the paperwork.

    The names floating around should raise some eyebrows such as Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and Jonathan Broxton from the Dodgers or Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller from the Tigers.

    an SB Nation post from December of 2007 claims that ďa Reds insider is 75 percent sure the Reds will deal Josh Hamilton, Homer Bailey, and Joey Votto to the Baltimore Orioles for Erik Bedard.Ē

    Maybe I will push for him next year as a free agent.

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