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Thread: Game Thread: Indians@Twins 7/22 7:10PM

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    Game Thread: Indians@Twins 7/22 7:10PM

    Game-time forecast: Mostly sunny. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Temperature around 80.

    I just couldn't wait to get game thread up... ChiTown has to wait to post the lineups.

    Chi here. And I'm still waiting. You'd think they'd get these things up 5 hours in advance, but nooooooo ... but the game-time weather forecast is up.

    SP, Salazar

    lineup tba

    SP, Pino

    lineup tba


    Things to Think About:

    1. Entire Week -- They won last night... Prior to last night... They hadn't won a game since July 13... They went an entire week without winning a game. How a team can go an entire week without winning a game... I have no idea. It's almost like they are not trying. A week... How can a team do that. Wait... Oh yeah... The All Star Break. That makes more sense... Never mind. The Twins went 3 days without a win. How can a team go 3 days without winning a game?

    2. Danny Salazar -- He's a young 24 year old right hander out of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Almost a million people live in Santo Domingo... If you include the surrounding area the population is around 2 million. Kind of Like... There are more people living in Duluth if you include Cloquet. Salazar made his debut last year and immediately became an effective pitcher. In 52 innings of work he tossed an ERA of 3.12 while punching out 65 batters. This year... He is still punching guys out but Runs allowed have ballooned. He's been so sub par this year... He has actually thrown more innings in AAA. When I've seen him... He was a two pitch guy. A fastball that gets to the plate quick and a change of pace that drops down. I'm sure he throws a breaking pitch... I don't remember it. I just remember his upper 90's fastball and what happens when he pulls the string.

    3. Hammer -- Gardy has been saying that Hammer has been starting to put better swings on the ball. Last night... He finally went deep... And deep at a key moment. Let's just say it... Hammer wasn't signed for his defensive ability... He was signed for his speed... He wasn't even signed for his BA... He was signed to hit the long ball and I think he owes us a few.

    4. Kris Johnson -- He pitched well but he looked sad when being interviewed after the game. He could be sad because he didn't get the win... He might be sad because they informed him that he was going back to Rochester after the game. Too bad... It was a good performance from someone who was waiting for the chance to contribute a good performance. Nice Job Kris... Now go see the traveling secretary... You are going to Rochester. It's a tough game.

    5. Wink Wink -- I was at work on Saturday getting some stuff done. My phone rings and it's my wife. I detected a different tone in her voice. A softer... Gentler tone... Almost sultry. And She Says... "You should come home... There's nobody here". That was basically all she said. I returned to working and thought... The tone... No real reason to call just to tell me the boys are gone. They are mobile... They are gone a lot. Boom... The lightbulb went on... And then I figured it out. I looked at what I had left and said... I can do this later. And I took off for home. She was right... There was nobody home. She had gone shopping as well... She really meant... There is nobody home.
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