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Thread: Article: Welp, I guess I'll do it: The Twins should sign Robinson Cano

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    Article: Welp, I guess I'll do it: The Twins should sign Robinson Cano

    Works on contingency? No, money down!
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    Screw it...Sign me up too! That line up looks pretty damn good in about 3 years. Only problem I really see is the 10 years for Cano. That makes him 41. It might make more sense at 6-8 years/$30 mil. Perhaps a 7/$210-225 mil might be more suitable? I think this issue was discussed at length on another thread though.

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    Entertaining article but I can't get on board even if Cano could be convinced. All you have to do is look at the angels and see why this isnt a good idea, Pujols & Hamilton may rebound a bit but their contracts are disgustingly bad. The teams that succeed have top tier pitching and DEPTH on both sides of the ball.

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    I've had MLB.com account for the last however many years, and I watch a lot of Yankees games. Cano is a great talent, no question. His numbers speak for themselves, and how he is able to throw against his body like that, so smooth, so accurate, so powerful -- it has set a new standard for 2B.

    All that said, I think he is a team cancer. He does not run out ground balls, he does not hustle for doubles or triples, and his overall casualness is not the model the Twins need for their young players. The guy is TOO cool to play hard. I've heard he works on everything in practice, yada, yada, but for my money, I don't want a player who is so far above the crowd that he doesn't need to sweat or get his jersey dirty.

    And, he is not a leader. I'm critical of Mauer for his quiet leadership, but Cano is a whole nother kettle of fish, leading in the wrong direction. For that kind of money, who needs to bring in problems?

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    One of the great ironies of this is that we would have our two best hitters in the two position roles that are historically filled by poor batters.

    What kind of team anxiously awaits their C or 2B to arrive at the plate?

    Alas, has it come to this?
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    If you pay someone $30 million a year, you are paying them to be an MVP caliber player. 3 or 4 years from now, Cano will not be an MVP caliber player, so you're getting 3-4 years of good value and many years of bad value. No team should give Cano that kind of deal. In my opinion, the only player in baseball worth a 10 year/300 million deal is Trout.
    Even if money weren't an obstacle for the Twins, this would still be a dumb deal. 4-5 years from now I would rather have Polanco or Rosario at 2B than Cano, so signing him to a 10 year deal would be counterproductive.

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