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Thread: Berardino: Jason Kubel interested in Twins reunion

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    No kidding Kubel is interested in playing for the Twins. After a season like he just had, he's got to be interested in a major league deal from any club.

    He doesn't seem to be a fit at this point. Things could change though if the other injury prone speed bumps, Willingham and Doumit, get moved or injured.

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    With Willingham and Doumit already on the roster squeezing Arcia for playing time, I can't see much reason to pick up Kubel. I always liked Kubel, and I must have only watched his better games in the field cause he never appeared as bad an outfielder to me as he is generally regarded as being. He moved and throws much better than Willingham ever has from what I've seen, not that that's a huge bar to get over.

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    Would way rather have Colabello DH and k 3 times than to have Kubel back

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    Much rather pick up Nate McLouth. Less power but much much better fielder and with our pitching we need good fielders.
    What power Kubel sill has ends up with warning track fly balls in Target Field.
    This comment brought to you from the Rosedale Mall studio by Hamm's Beer, brewed in the land of sky blue waters.

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    Always came across as lazy to me. Seemed to always be pudgy and out of shape. Was the bad knee his excuse for not staying fit? His last year with the team when he milked a relatively minor injury was pretty much the nail in the coffin.

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    The Twins don't like platoons, so Kubel is a bad fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boom Boom View Post
    The Twins don't like platoons, so Kubel is a bad fit.
    Yep, a platoon with him and Plouffe at 1B could be really good. I'm assuming he could handle 1B.
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    I was thinking Plouffe could platoon with someone in RF until midseason when hicks and rosario are called up.
    LF Rosario
    CF Hicks
    RF Arcia

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    Doumit, Willingham, Collabello, Arcia - the Twins already have a roster full of players with his skillset. Arcia still has upside and the potential to develop into a more balanced (consistent) hitter - I'd rather he get the at-bats. I wouldn't mind Kubel as a bench bat/DH fill in if the Twins had room, but without one of the above players being traded, I don't see the fit.

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    Can he play 1B?? If so, I think he's a better option than Parmelee.

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    Some smart team is going to pair him with someone who bashes lefties and give themselves a one hell of a productive DH or RF at a cheap price.

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    I liked Kubel when he was with the Twins and I would have been just fine with him staying instead of leaving when him and Cuddy did. But at this stage in the game, it's mostly about the young guys, so I feel indifferent about him coming back.

    After watching guys (as much as I appreciate their power) like D. Young, Willingham, Doumit etc., plod around the outfield over the last few years, it has really made me appreciate guys like Revere, Span, Hunter, Mastroianni, Hicks etc... who have the speed and athleticism to cover a lot of ground in the outfield.

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    “Yeah, for sure,” Kubel said. “I loved it here. I really miss the guys. I had a great relationship with Gardy, Andy (pitching coach Rick Anderson), (Joe) Vavra — all the coaches and the few players I remember that are still there. I love the guys over there.”
    This might be the longest quote in the media I have seen for Kubel. His interviews made Mauer seem overly verbose and animated. It is kind of wild how the team has turned over. Who would he really know besides Mauer and Perkins and I guess Duensing? A few others might have been there his last year (where he was off the field much of it for the heel injury).

    I liked Kubel for the most part, but I agree with other posters where we don't need another hitter with less than ideal speed etc. I do hope he finds some place and gets a nice rebound season.

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    Even considering signing him seems wildly out of touch with the reality of the Twins in 2014 and beyond.

    He was good in 2008, 2009, and 2012. He was just above average as a hitter in 2010 and 2011, and he was terrible last year. Why waste any time and money here?

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