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Thread: Johan Santana: Free Agent

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    Johan Santana: Free Agent

    The Mets decided to pay Johan Santana $5.5 million to not pitch for them in 2014 rather than pay him like $25 million. Santana is a free agent for the first time in his career. Here is the statement he released tonight.

    Johan Santana's full statement

    I want to thank the Mets organization, my teammates and of course give a big thank you to the Mets fans, who have been behind me from day one and stood by me through all the good and bad.
    I am not sure what the future holds, as this is all new to me, but I have every intention of pitching in 2014 and beyond and I am certainly keeping all my options open.

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    Santana probably burned bridges in 2007 when he was publicly angry when they traded Castillo. I dont think ryan will consider him.

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    This will be interesting. He was actually ok when he pitched last season (8.5 K/9, 2.85 K/BB, 1.333 WHIP and he pitched 117 innings.) Injured. Those numbers would have put him on the top of the Twins' rotation.

    I think that he will sign an one year plus a vesting option contract some place and that contract would be crazy incentive-filled. Like $3-5M base, $12-15M in incentives.

    Would the Twins pull the trigger, would he want to return?

    He might want to play for a contender, but he would definitely put rear ends on Target Field seats (will actually generate more $ than his contract) and will be better than Diamond and Albers added together...

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    I'm open to making Johan an offer, but much like offering Baker a contract, I'd like the Twins to sign two good healthy / young FA pitchers and perhaps look at a Baker / Johan (other similar types) etc.. as a possible add on / bonus. I won't be impressed if TR plays penny pincher again and only goes after the Pelfrey/Baker/Johan types without signing a couple of healthy mid to high end pitchers first. The Twins need some good young work horses.

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    if he pitches close to last year-- he'd be our ace. I would be all for his return. A wounded Johan is better than our best pitcher now.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's having the same surgery he had done last year, and that typical surgery doesn't have a high success rate as it is. I think he's done. I'd be fine with an incentive laden deal, but there's a good chance he never puts on a major league uniform next season, so I'm guessing he's signing a minor league contract.

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