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Thread: Article: Fishing for Holes in the Roster

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    Guys, Joe Mauer is not going to become the everyday 1B. Moving him to 1B doesn't remove the concussion problem. I'm remembering a guy named Morneau who had concussion problems, where did he play again? Joe Mauer should catch, and catch often, ideally 80-100 games with another 40+ between 1B/DH. The Twins could go out and sign a guy like Mark Reynolds who could give them some options at both 1B and 3B, or someone like Corey Hart who would be a corner OF/1B/DH guy. Joe Mauer is not the answer at 1B, not yet anyways. Maybe Chris Parmelee finally figures it out, but having seen nothing since his miraculous September call up years ago, that seems unlikely. I think 1B is the most likely FA signing for the Twins this season outside of the starting rotation.

    Mauer is your catcher, spelled by Doumit/Herrmann in the early season and Pinto down the stretch.

    Dozier seems set at 2B, but it might be interested to see what he could get on the trade market. I'd rather see the Twinks package Rosario and move him for SP instead of Dozier, but whatever it takes to improve the rotation with someone better than a bunch of 4/5 guys.

    Vote for Pedro to hold down the SS position. The only real play I could see here would be signing a guy like S. Drew to take over, and at 31 (?) he's due for some serious regression defensively in the coming years, but would be an immediate boost to the lineup. I feel safe with Pedro at the 6 spot with hopes that Santana does well at AAA and cleans up his defense.

    Plouffe is not the long term answer at 3B, but with Sano knocking on the door it doesn't make sense to spend big on the FA market. A platoon split (!!!!) would be a great sign, but we all know how Gardy feels about that. A veteran looking to rebuild value at 3B on a 1-year deal could be a good sign for the Twins here at a moderate price and if the Twins are bad could be a trade chip as the summer wears on and Sano in waiting.

    Aaron Hicks needs to figure things out. I like Hicks to start the season with the club, but to be prepared to send him down to AAA if needed letting Ryan 'The king' Pressly hold down the CF spot until Hicks can gain some confidence in AAA. Maybe starting Hicks in Rochester is the right move?

    The Hammer will own LF and some combination of Doumit/Parm/Herrmann in right.

    Starting pitching: spend all the money. Spend money the Pohlads don't want to spend. Then spend some more. Package some of our top 10 prospects for David Price and ink him to an extension. Pull out the stops. Make it rain dollar bills.

    The pen seems set, no need to make any upgrades here. Plenty of failed starters to try out in the pen if things go south for the current guys out in the pen, and no need to sign any FA relievers if this team isn't going to be competitive in 2014.

    Whoa, long comment. Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pleiss View Post
    Guys, Joe Mauer is not going to become the everyday 1B. Moving him to 1B doesn't remove the concussion problem. I'm remembering a guy named Morneau who had concussion problems, where did he play again?
    The difference is that Morneau didn't get his by playing 1B. He got his sliding into 2nd. The symptoms came back by diving for a ball at a later time, but the first concussion that year was one that could happen to anyone.

    Mauer got his playing his position. He takes tipped baseballs off the head a lot more than he used to. Now you're saying, let's just put him back down there to take more tipped baseballs off the head. Maybe he will be fine, but maybe he won't.

    I honestly don't know how I feel about where he should play, but the two concussions were caused in two completely different ways and shouldn't be compared. It's not like Morneau is playing 1B and is constantly hit in the face by line drives...

    Moving Mauer would lessen the possibility as he no longer would be hit in the head a couple of times a game. If you leave him at C, than there is a 100% chance that he will get hit in the head. It's just part of being a catcher.
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