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Thread: Article: Would Signing Jason Kubel Make Sense?

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    Not sure I understand what signng him does, other than make the roster older and less capable defensively. At least Choo or Ellsbury are good to great defenders, and get on base a lot......Kubel is the kind of guy a team signs when they are DHing Lew Ford, and are close to a championship, not the kind of guy a team that has fly ball pitchers that probably won't sniff the playoffs should sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdosen View Post
    I disagree on the point of moving Dozier back to SS to free up a spot for Rosario. A lot of Dozier's value was in playing a sufficient 2B. His bat isn't so good it could outweigh the defensive value he would lose by moving to SS. I predict that if he was the everyday SS, he would be worth less than 1 WAR. Instead, I think we should keep playing Dozier until either he shows he isn't as good as last year, or until Rosario shows he's ready. If the latter is the case, you can trade one of them for an arm. The situation will work itself out.
    I love Rosario in LF. Dozier would be a disaster at SS. Stick with Florimon until Santana or Polanco beats him out.
    LF Rosario
    CF Buxton
    RF Hicks or Kepler
    DH Arcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by diehardtwinsfan View Post
    I still think that Parmelee and Plouffe need to play every day somewhere. If they make no 1B signing, then giving Kubel a part time OF part time DH role isn't the worst of mistakes. Doumit's value I think is hampered when he plays too much, and I hope that Gardy in particular takes that to heart, as Doumit is a guy that could be flipped at the deadline if he's having a decent season.

    As for Rosario, why are people suddenly asking him to go back to the corner OF? The Twins would be far better served to move Dozier back to SS before they move Rosario to the OF and add to an already crowded situation.
    I've stuck by parmelee for a long time but im finally giving up on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    Kubel is the kind of guy a team signs when they are DHing Lew Ford
    If TD ever starts a Snappy Quote of the Day feature, I'm nominating this one.

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    No it does not make sense to sign Kubel.

    It also does not make sense to break up our middle infield. The Twins need to give Dozier and Florimon every opportunity to grow upon and improve what they had last year. I fully expect the middle infield to be solid in 2014 and it would be nice if both players improved their hitting from last year.

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