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Thread: Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 119: Live From Mom's Basement

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    Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 119: Live From Mom's Basement

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    New to the live talk radio stuff. Fairly new to Twinsdaily. I'm in Dallas, they have The Ticket down here. But enjoying the Twins talk.

    All that said...question/comment on the Analytics talk.

    How many analytics guys did Boston have during their early World Series runs?
    Bill James and...?
    How many now?

    I'm not sure quantity should be so stressed (or even really talked about), but quality. Would the Oakland A's be better if they had 10 other GM's in addition to Billy Beane? What if they hired every MLB GM from every team and added them to their front office? Outlandish I know, but you get the idea. Quantity and Quality are two different things. Would their decision making process be better with 30 guys at the GM position?

    I don't think there's a question of needing help to crunch numbers. Speaking as a Data Analyst, technologies & software really make crunching numbers pretty easy. It's not like the Manhattan Project where you needed 40 guys crunching math in the back room. We have calculators for that now-a-days. Same with Analytics.

    **Also, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the most analytics guys in the NFL. They just won their first game this past week (1-8) and the Titans gave them the game. Was a lot of press on how they use it to make their draft selections.
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    Oh my... a Jim Crikket mention on G&TG?

    Top o' the world, ma!
    I opine about the Twins and Kernels regularly at Knuckleballsblog.com while my alter ego, SD Buhr covers the Kernels for MetroSportsReport.com.

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    Looking at the Revere trade, I still make that move. Revere would not have made the Twins considerably better this past season and prospects moving up the system would look to move him off the position sooner rather than later. However, Trevor May has a chance (most likely as a reliever) to add value to the Twins major league club at a time when they will be competetive. Trade value now for value down the line, when the club will need it. As for the Vanimal... well, let's just hope that he was dealing with some injuries last season and that the Twins can salvage something from him this season and into the future. With a nick name like Vanimal, there has to be something there. Maybe they can move him to the pen where he can become something of a Wild Thing, ala Rick Vaughn (okay, so maybe not, but it's a fun idea).

    The Span trade is a little more straight forward. Alex Meyer has a chance to be a front of the rotation player. Denard Span will continue to get older and his skill will diminish. Again, trade value now for value later.

    A year removed, I like both trades. I like them even more now than I did before.

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