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Thread: My Twins Blueprint + Predictions

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    My Twins Blueprint + Predictions

    Matt Garza
    5/80 (14, 16, 16, 16, 18) - Automatically becomes the teams ace and hopefully stabilizes a spot in the rotation for the foreseeable future.

    Bronson Arroyo
    3/28 (10, 10, 8) - Gets an extra year, but takes Correia's role in the following year of veteran innings eater as rotation is built. Front-load contract a little bit to lessen the blow of having to give that 3rd year.

    Jarrod Saltalamachia
    3/34 (10, 12, 12) - Good behind the plate and lets Pinto start in AAA to get more at-bats as he earns his way back up.

    Wilson Betemit
    1/4 - Injured last year, but great numbers from the left side of the plate. Platoons with Plouffe and backs-up Sano after we switch Plouffe to a corner outfield/DH role

    Ryan Doumit
    to Boston Red Sox for C+ Prospect - Yes, we swap catchers. Gives a small amount of (not really needed) salary relief and opens up play time for Hermann, Pinto and Parmelee.

    Opening Day Roster:
    C- Jarrod Saltalamachia 5
    1B- Joe Mauer 3
    2B- Brian Dozier 2
    SS- Pedro Florimon 9
    3B- Trevor Plouffe 7
    RF- Oswaldo Arcia 6
    CF- Alex Presley 1
    LF- Darin Mastroianni 8
    DH- Josh Willingham 4

    B- Chris Hermann C/OF
    B- Wilson Betemit 3B/1B/DH
    B- Eduardo Escobar IF
    B- Chris Parmelee 1B/OF

    SP- Matt Garza
    SP- Bronson Arroyo
    SP- Kevin Corriea
    SP- Kyle Gibson
    SP- Vance Worley

    RP- Anthony Swarzak
    RP- Ryan Pressly
    RP- Caleb Thielbar
    RP- Michael Tonkin
    RP- Brian Duensing
    RP- Casey Fien
    RP- Jared Burton
    RP- Glen Perkins

    Total Payroll
    : 89.5 million (55 + 38 for FA - 3.5 for Doumit)

    : Liam Hendriks, Sam Deduno and Scott Diamond will both have a few starts this year. I would like Hughes > Arroyo, but I think someone pays him more than we would like. Fliers on SP with upside (Rich Harden type signing) could also occur. Pinto, Hicks and Sano all start in AAA.

    Roster Pre September Call-ups
    C- Jarrod Saltalamachia 7
    1B- Joe Mauer 3
    2B- Brian Dozier 2
    SS- Pedro Florimon 9
    3B- Miguel Sano 5
    RF- Oswaldo Arcia 4
    CF- Aaron Hicks 1
    LF- Alex Presley 8
    DH- Trevor Plouffe 6

    B- Josmil Pinto C/DH
    B- Eduardo Escobar IF
    B- Chris Parmelee OF
    B- Wilson Betemit 1B/3B/DH

    SP- Matt Garza
    SP- Bronson Arroyo
    SP- Kevin Correia
    SP- Kyle Gibson
    SP- Alex Meyer
    RP- Anthony Swarzak
    RP- Ryan Pressly
    RP- Caleb Thielbarr
    RP- Brian Duensing
    RP- Casey Fien
    RP- Jared Burton
    RP- Glen Perkins

    : Josh Willingham for Prospect/s to a team looking for a bat. Probably won't get much in return, but Plouffe can be a replacement at DH and gives Pinto a chance to DH more often when not catching.

    : Plouffe shifts to play LF/DH from 3B when Sano is called up. Pinto replaces Hermann after thriving in AAA and gets plenty of at bats as catcher and DH. Alex Meyer forces his way into the rotation. Worley should improve, but is the most likely candidate to be replaced. Correia could be hovering near 5 and Gison might also struggle, so they are other candidates.

    September call-ups
    CF- Byron Buxton (plays all 3 outfield spots, but primarily center)
    2B/OF- Eddie Rosario (gets at bats at all positions)
    RP- Edgar Ibarra
    RP- AJ Achter
    C/OF- Chris Herrmann
    P- Trevor May (gets a start and is also used in the pen)
    SS- Danny Santana

    Maybe Mastroianni/Diamond/Deduno but they could be gone from the team at this point.

    What 2015 should look like
    C- Jarrod Saltalamachia
    1B- Joe Mauer
    2B- Brian Dozier or Eddie Rosario
    SS- Pedro Florimon or Danny Santana
    3B- Miguel Sano
    RF- Aaron Hicks
    CF- Byron Buxton
    LF- Oswaldo Arcia
    DH- Trevor Plouffe

    B- Josmil Pinto
    B- Pedro Florimon or Danny Santana

    SP- Matt Garza
    SP- Bronson Arroyo
    SP- Kyle Gibson
    SP- Alex Meyer

    Bullpen harder to predict, but assuming their is no drastic fall offs, it could be very similar.

    Notes: Open slot for another starter. Lots of money to spend (-12.5 for Willingham and Correia FA). Payroll should rise to 115-120 mil range, especially if the team looks primed to compete. Could grab a big name starter to join the rotation as there are (hopefully) few holes on offense. A big bat could also be added as a DH option and Plouffe could be traded or designated to a bench role.
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    Senior Member All-Star 70charger's Avatar
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    This is another well-done blueprint. Can't say as though I agree with all of it, but it's well thought-out, and it seems to make some sense. Good stuff.

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    Twins News Team All-Star TheLeviathan's Avatar
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    Yup another realistic, good set of ideas.

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    Banned Big-Leaguer
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    Very well done!

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    What strikes me as I look at many of these blueprints is how realistic they are on money and how much room is still available.

    If the Twins don't do something fairly decent this off-season, we're all going to need anti-nausea medication.

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    Once again, a great and realistic plan for next season at least. And practical as well. If only some of us could be GM for a month! Lol

    Think I would choose Kazmir over Arroyo but have no problem with Arroyo in this scenario. Have to admit I forgot about Betemit. Wanted the Twins to get him as a useful bat and super-sub each of the past couple of years.

    Been advocating Chad Tracy for a LHP bat who can back up Mauer and semi-platoon at least with Plouffe, while still providing real value when Sano arrives, but like the Betemit signing.

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    I like this other than Betemit. Another part of me really just wants the youth movement to start opening day.

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