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Thread: Pierzynski signs with Red Sox

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    [QUOTE=Brock Beauchamp;182361]The problem isn't Pinto, it's Saltalamacchia. Sure, money isn't a problem for the Twins right now but that doesn't mean they should go out and overpay in both dollars and years for a guy who looks like a prime candidate for serious regression. Salty's inability to take a walk and his .372 BABIP in 2013 is pretty terrifying.

    I'm sure I didn't say overpay him. But the market is the market and if he makes us better I'm for it. Salty is a much better hitter LH so a platoon with Pinto would make some sense. Now if Pinto turns into the next great catcher you still have a decent trade chip that only cost money not prospects like some other options might. If Pinto bombs we don't have to watch Doumit and some AAAA guys catch.
    This comment brought to you from the Rosedale Mall studio by Hamm's Beer, brewed in the land of sky blue waters.

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    I assume the Twins are done with the bigger contract pitchers this year, though I still hope they grab a low risk higher upside guy like Halladay, Santana, Floyd or Neimann. I wouldn't want a Saltalamacchia signing to hinder the team from getting another impact arm next year though. It might never happen again but I don't want too many roadblocks just in case this new front office is here to stay. Next year the team loses Correia, Willingham and Burton, but that only clears out about $15 million.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howieramone View Post
    Brock, I agree we don't have to settle all the issues this winter, but let's anyway. Should we open up the farm to trade for Hanigan, then go for the jugular and get Brett Anderson?
    Appears that Hanigan is headed to Tampa, anyway.

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    1 year 8.25 good for AJ

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