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Thread: Non-Tenders?

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    Daniel Hudson? Is he that damaged?

    John Axford or Andrew Bailey or Ronald Belisario for the Pen?

    I like Chris Nelson as a ball player... Justin Turner?

    I can't say I'm interested in Tommy Hanson anymore but what about Jerome Williams.

    Is Coughlin worth looking at?

    How bout Mat Gamel?

    Garrett Jones returning?

    The Power of Arencebia is already being discussed.

    Any Non-Tenders trip anyone's triggers.

    Obviously not a non tender but with AJ signing in Boston what does it mean for Ryan Lavarnway?
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    Derrik Robinson , this years Mastroianni? 25 years old, switch hitter , no power has a few stolen bases? give us some depth ? other then that you covered the 1s i was lookiing at

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    I'm for taking a chance on Hudson. There should be some concern since his arbitration raise would have been minimal and AZ did non-tendered him, but I'd like to take a chance on a Diamondback cast off, they have made a ton of head scratching personell decisions in the past year.

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