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Thread: Twins Sign Lefty Reliever Matt Hoffman

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    Twins Sign Lefty Reliever Matt Hoffman

    The Twins announced the signing of Hoffman, a 25 year old lefty out of the Detroit org, with an invite to ST. Last three years at AAA averaging 9.0K/9 with ERA's of 3.18, 3.69 and 2.06. Don't know his splits, but could this be our new loogy to take Duensing's place?

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    Sounds like one of Ryan's patented savvy bullpen pickups. There does appear to be some good trade value to relievers this offseason.

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    Hold it. He is AAA depth. This organization sorely lacks in LH arms big time and after the likes of Blake Martin were cut or became FAs, they needed some arms. And he did not average 9 K/9 that was in 2013. In 2011 and 2012 he was in the sixes. If you are looking for potential MLB LHP in the pen that have not been there, that would be Ibarra at this moment
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