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Thread: Daniel Murphy NYM

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    Daniel Murphy NYM

    Has anyone considered Daniel Murphy of the NYM as a potential trade target?

    It seems as though the Mets aren't intent on paying for him this season. I see some real benefits to this trade.

    1. He's on the right side of 30, (29 starting next season).
    2. He has great versatility - 3B, 2B, 1B and OF.
    3. He hits for a decent average - around .290 as a regular starter.
    4. He is still relatively cheap.
    5. Could platoon with Plouffe at 3B (or be traded for one another).
    6. Insurance against a Dozier collapse.
    7. Left handed bat with a little pop.
    8. Fill a hole in the OF once/if the kids arrive (Sano, Rosario).
    9. Good durability, averages 145+ games a year since 2009.
    10. Stole 23 bases (caught 3 times) last year.

    I could go on. I actually think this is a better idea after I started typing it up. There are negatives for sure but I think this would be a great upgrade to an increasingly younger team.

    I compared his stats to Eddie Rosario's, both over 4 minor league seasons and while Rosario edges Murphy a few ticks in most offensive categories, Murphy is already a proven commodity in the Major Leagues. Could also free up Rosario for a great trade for pitching.

    Stats here: http://www.baseball-reference.com/pl...urphda08.shtml

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    I like it.

    I'm gonna give TR a call and suggest it.
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    If Murphy is being given away for a borderline top 30 prospect then this would be great. 4M or so in arb and a 2nd arb year is a good value even if he's nothing more than the LH part of a 3B or OF platoon.

    The Twins definitely need to add some OF veteran OF depth to this team because I don't have that much confidence in the current roster.

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    Not to mention his brother (Jonathan/CF) is in the Twins minor league system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightfoot789 View Post
    Not to mention his brother (Jonathan/CF) is in the Twins minor league system.
    This... ha!! Daniel has played mainly second base... he can play a few places. I don't know that I'd give up much to get him, but isn't bad.

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    It looks like Murphy has played almost exclusively at first and second, probably the two positions that the Twins really don't need reinforcements. If they had a Tony Phillips type who could legitimately start at second, third, and a corner outfield spot, that could be very helpful, especially with RH hitters Plouffe and Dozier having pretty severe platoon splits.

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    The Twins don't need another poor defender. The defense in the outfield, third base and catcher will be among the worst in the league.

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