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Why is everyone so confident that Mauer would be a better third baseman than Miguel Sano?

The only dig against Sano is his (potential) size. His athleticism has never been in question; he's been playing the position for years and is in his early 20s.

On the other hand, Mauer is in his early 30s and has zero innings at the position and previous to 2012, zero innings any ANY position other than catcher.
I don't get it either. Like I said before, I've been critical of a lot of what the Twins seem to value in players but I don't see them completely being ignorant here. I think this is a case where we probably need to give them the benefit of the doubt. IE if Mauer would better defensive third baseman than other options, be they Sano, Plouffe or whatever, they've evaluated the risk reward. That is unless we really think they are complete idiots, which I don't.

As to how much more you need at 3B than at 1B (a previous point), I think it's obviously significantly more. The most common 3B transition you see are previous SS. If it were that easy. I think you'd see a lot more good defensive 1B moved there. For example, Morneau was considered by many to be an excellent fielding 1B for a long time yet he never played 3B.