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Thread: Mariners: An Interesting Read on What's Been Going On

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos View Post
    I think that the most amazing thing about this article was the fact that a major reporter in the major Seattle paper wrote it and the editors published it.

    Imagine that happening in Twins' Territory...
    I can't imagine it happening in Seattle, either. That's kind of why it's such a big story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeviathan View Post
    I would say the result justified my opinion - the guy was certifiably nuts and on the downside with his knees. Carlos Silva actually managed a halfway decent season for the Cubs too! I'd wager he managed a near historic consumption of deep dish pizza too.
    The result certainly didn't pan out for the Mariners but given just how god-awful Silva had been in the previous two seasons, I still think it was a decent roll of the dice.

    Sometimes you get burned by even a good bet. I don't fault the Mariners for swapping out useless contracts in hope something good would come of it.

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    Just to update, here's the response from Zduriencik:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    Sometimes you get burned by even a good bet.
    My point had been the "good bet" only appeared that way because the national perception of Milton Bradley hadn't quite caught on to him yet. The guy was a broken down clown - they would've been better off paying Carlos Silva in Taco Bell gift cards and calling it a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB_Iowa View Post
    Just to update, here's the response from Zduriencik:
    When there are areas that need improvement, it’s my job to ask questions, suggest ideas and give direction to the field staff. When our upper management has questions or suggestions, it’s my job to respond to them. I don’t believe meddling is a fair portrayal.

    IOW, Wedge's account was accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB_Iowa View Post
    Just to update, here's the response from Zduriencik:
    After a very quick read. this seems like a reasonable response and illustrative that there are 2 sides to every story (Wedge actually asked for a contract extension the day before he was gone?). I have to think that the M's are all-in on getting Tanaka, in which case, they would move to legit contender status in the AL West.
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