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Thread: Coomer

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    I had WGN on for some reason and just heard that Coomer is expected to be named the new Cubs radio analyst.

    If this is true- congratulations are in order. I wonder if FSN will replace him or just have Laudner, Smalley on more often.
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    When I saw the thread Title... I thought we signed him? Whew!

    Cubs Broadcast... That makes more sense.

    Good for The Coom Dog... Congrats!!!
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    One of my favorite Twins/road trip memories was down in KC for a weekend series. We see Coomer walking into the stadium as we're driving by dropping off (drunk) friends to get in line for fountain seats and my buddy yells "COOMDOG YOU ARE AN ALLSTAR" he turns arounds, laughs and gives a salute. Made our day, gotta like a guy with a sense of humor.

    Happy for him moving up, hope he ends up back in Minnesota in a broadcast role of somesort in the future.

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    I liked Coomer as a change of pace from Bert. If he had a full season, I would probably get tired of him, but he seemed to offer up some commentary about pitch sequence and what the batter is thinking.

    I would be nice if FSN finds an ex Twins player (or any player, but I doubt they would go outside of the Twins family) that played baseball in the 2000's.

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    Happy for him but I would have liked to see him in the booth full time. He has a good vibe and breaks things down nicely while being PC without sounding completely homerish. Not an easy medium to find. Bert's alright but would much rather hear Coomer in the booth.

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    He's really improved as a broadcaster, and I much preferred him the Bert this year. I'm happy that he's moving up.

    The sad thing is that Eddie Vedder will no longer be a Twins fan.

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