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Thread: Cubs Claim Hendricks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritofVodkaDave View Post
    And yet he only hit 160 IP in a season once, and was let go by both the Twins and Cleveland (and booted from the rotation by the hapless Marlins)

    Clearly every GM and scout in baseball has missed the mark on the great Kevin Slowey.

    It reminds me a lot of the Slowey situation, but even more legitimate (to let Hendriks go) People were freaking when Slowey was let go by the Twins, but he has done absolutely nothing since then to make the Twins regret it in the least.

    I can't see Hendriks doing much of anything to make the Twins regret it. (anything more than a nice 5-6 game run or something)
    You've used this canard before, it's still wrong. The Marlins may be hapless overall, but their SP was very good, ranked 7th in WAR, 7th in ERA, 6th in FIP, 5th in IP. Slowey just got beat out, after a very strong start, he went to the DL, the Marlins then went with their core prospects over Slowey.

    Of course, Slowey wasn't healthy in 2011 and 2012, which was why he was let go. And he returned to the 60 Day DL at Miami in July, durability is obviously Slowey's biggest drawback. His situation bears very little similarity to Hendriks, at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    Yes, and for now, they have plenty of 40-man room. Two open slots if I counted correctly.
    Didn't think about this but all the same, they might when it comes time.

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    Im not real bothered by this as I don't think he can stick as a starter. However they had plenty of options to make room on the 40 man to let him try working out of the bullpen.

    You see starters all the time who couldn't cut it. Then they move to the bullpen, gain a few extra MPH and suddenly they are Glen Perkins 2.0 mowing people down or even Swarzak to a lesser degree.

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    I'm not sure Slowey and Hendricks are good comparisons at all. For one, Slowey was a fairly highly thought of prospect and showed quite a bit of promise when made the bigs. His problem was that freak injury that hit him during what looked like his break out season. He's never been the same since. I'm thrilled he's rebuilding his career with the Marlins. I hope that continues. It wasn't going to work here b/c he was clearly the odd man out and was getting expensive. Some of this is just the rules of baseball. Arb eligible guys are very expensive for the teams that own their rights and the Twins didn't have the ability to pay him what he's worth... so he's cut.

    Hendricks is a different situation altogether. Like John, I was hoping he would be able to sort it out, but he hasn't. I personally would have jettisoned Albers ahead of Hendricks, but even if that happened, Hendricks is sitting behind Deduno, Diamond, Worley, and Gibson... and quite possibly Darnell too. I'm not pretending we have an embarrassment of riches here, but all of those guys have potential and need to get their shot. As it is, there's only 2 spots for all of them, and if the rumors are true, there may only be 1.

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