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Thread: Eric Surkamp

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    Eric Surkamp

    Giants designated this lefty:

    He's 26 and coming off TJ but his minor league numbers are great - 10k/9, 4k/bb and even last year, his first year back, pitching in the PCL he managed a 1.065 whip and sub 3.00 era. I'm not saying we should sign him (although, why not) but I think it's interesting to point out another guy whose numbers never really translated into high praise from the scouting set.

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    Yeah, I saw his rundown on mlbtraderumors and thought the same thing.

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    Interesting guy. Through age 23 (up until his surgery), his performance was not unlike Alex Meyer -- actually probably better (lower BB rates, higher K rates), and left-handed.

    It looks like he was first optioned in 2011 (for one minor league playoff start? seems a waste!), but he was on the DL for all of 2012 so I don't think he was optioned that year, just 2013. That suggests he might have his third option year remaining? If so, I'd definitely grab him -- he looks worthy of a spot on the 40-man to see if he can progress in his second year back from surgery.

    Also, if he hits waivers, every NL team would get a crack at him before the Twins. So they pretty much have to trade for him, if they want him. Would be interesting to see what he could fetch.
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    I wonder what the scouts and Giants don't like about him that they are willing to DFA him? He is another soft tosser but with the two secondary plus pitches he has proven he can strike people out and not give up many home runs from what I could find. We have to be missing something.

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