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Thread: Article: Top '13 Stories: #6 - Justin Morneau Traded

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    Article: Top '13 Stories: #6 - Justin Morneau Traded

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    Two reasons his numbers will be better, Coors field, which helps hitters and kills pitchers, and Cuddy hitting behind him. Good line up when healthy, Rockies could mess with others postseasons, B/c the Rockies are not, to me, a playoff team without getting more help!

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    I would love to see that... Not sure that Coors will be able to help him, but I hope it does!

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    It was tough to watch the concussions derail Morneau's career and his swing/plate approach devolve afterwards. He did have a 4 or 5 season stretch that would rival almost any player to ever wear a Twins uniform, though. Morneau turns 33 next year, I would love to see him put in a few more career average years (something like .280/.350/.475 with 20-25 HR) and finish his career on a high note.

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