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Thread: Article: Top '13 Stories: #1 - Gardenhire's Contract Extended

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    I will never understand why holding someone accountable must result in firing.we see the coaching changes frequently in the NFL, and typically they don't really help much. It comes down to the players.
    Like most things coaching changes can go either way. I have seen many where the team actually gets worse under a new coach and sometimes a fresh look can really change a team for the better. I think the 49rs are an example of the new coach making a difference but football is a bit different. For a Coach to make an initial major impact he still needs talented players which is typically why it takes a while to turn bad teams around. Bad teams typically don't have great players.

    In baseball I don't see that the head coach makes much of a difference these days other than maintaining team unity and a few in game strategies everything is pretty much stats and on the players to perform. Position coaches handle most of the practice time and drills(ie player development).

    Joe Madden has great pitchers and is a likable guy. Gardy is a likable guy with no good pitchers. Would Madden have the same the success with the Twins rotation or team? I doubt it.

    I am not a Gardy lover or hater. I see this issue from both sides and would be happy with or without Gardy. My personal opinion is that TR is the one who messed up by not getting Gardy better pitching and he wasn't going to let Gardy take the fall for him (ie Twins Loyalty). The owners love TR and weren't going to fire him so there you have it status quo.
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    I think Dman hit the proverbial nail on the head.....
    Lighten up Francis....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    So why are coaches paid so much, if they do nothing? I don't get this line of reasoning. There is research in the NFL that after 10 years, a coach loses effectiveness as a general rule, actually (the research is older, so I don't know how it holds up).

    If a player does badly, he's cut. If a GM drafts crappy players, he's (usually, not here) fired. Why are coaches immune in your world, Seth? I'm genuinely curious what you would do with a coach/manager that isn't good at his job (if you felt he wasn't good).
    Last year at this time there was talk of Gardy's limitations in dealing with young players and I think that must've been addressed by management because I saw some change from Gardy. The way he talked about young players seemed to be in a more encouraging manner. He left Hicks in there so long nobody could accuse him of yo-yoing. My point is when you are evaluating your manager you can stress areas you need to see improvement in. If he does improve now you have just gained stability. With the Vikes in town it is nice to have some.

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