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Thread: Article: Elephant in the Room: Sano's Elbow

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    Per Rhett Bolllinger: "@RhettBollinger: Miguel Sano says his goal is make the Opening Day roster for the Twins. Says his elbow feels fine. No pain. Has been rehabbing it."

    I approve this message.

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    This Just In....from the Trib:

    "Miguel Sano said a month of rehab has convinced him that no surgery will be necessary on his right elbow, which grew sore last season. “My elbow feels pretty good,” said the Twins third base prospect. “There’s no pain.""

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo92107 View Post
    ...May not be fair to Mauer, but if anybody on this team could do it, Joe Mauer could learn to play 3rd base in a couple months...
    I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I'm reminded of the Chicago Bears fan SNL skit from the 80's. Goes something like:

    "What if everybody else was injured and couldn't play cept McMahon and Di'ka?"

    Fan1 "Well it might be close till half, but den Jim and Mike's superior conditioning pay off. Da bears by 24"

    Fan 2 "I've seen Jim kick in practice. Dey dominate from the opening kickoff. Da Bears by 42."

    Fan 3 "You're both wrong. McMahon and Di'ka put such a whoopin' on 'em da 1st half, da udder team don't come out for the 2nd half. Da bears win by forfeit."

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    It's a good day!
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